Arrivals 3/30 - 4/3

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef is open 10-7 daily. This week we have Mixed Wholesale, Cleaner Crew+ and three Local AquaCulture Coral shipments booked. We also just took a large batch of Clownfish out of their two week QT.

This week we also received Elos Test Kits, Ice Cap Gyres both sizes, ME Coral products, Algae Barn Pods and Phyto, and a huge batch of frozen foods. Giesemann Test Kits, Octo Skimmers, and more Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ are scheduled to arrive any day. We've got the supplies you need to keep your animals happy during these trying times.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday
Many of these fish have been put into our conditioning protocol and will not be available for 10-14 days.

2-flame angel
6-royal gramma
3-bicolor blenny
12-pajama cardinal
12-springeri damsel
1-tiny circus goby
11-purple firefish
3-yasa hashe goby
6-yellow clown goby
4-pearly jaw
1-m/l porcupine puffer
4-lg foxface
4-scribbled rabbit
2-m/l blue hippo tang
1-niger trigger
1-xl aust harlequin tusk
1-lineatus fairy wrasse
1-orange back fairy wrasse
1-rhomboid fairy wrasse
1-neon green long tentacle anemone
4-asst green trachy brain
1-bicolor hammer
1-super unusual red/green favites indo
1-phallic orange lobo
1-zoa colony combo rock
1-sm blue crocea clam - nice
2-neon green candycane
3-ultra piink w green center zoa frag
1-solar flare chalice frag
3-rainbow/orange ricordea florida
1-super nice multi branch indo gold hammer
1-neon green goniastrea
1-metallic torch
3-tiger tail cucumber
3-sea hare
6-lg cleaner shrimp
8-fire shrimp
100-bumble bee snails
50-lg nassarius snail
12-tiger sand conch
6-choc chip star
6-tiger brittle star
3-sand star

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Tuesday
400-blue leg hermits
30-scarlet hermits
14-assorted flower anemone
2-purple plume gorgonian
1-golden sea rod
60-peppermint shrimp
6-sea cucumber
600-astraea snail
100-cerith snail
100-sm nassarius snail
6-lettuce nudi

We'll post the Local AquaCulture lists as the corals arrive!


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef Arrivals Continued.
Local AquaCulture #1 - Arrived Thursday
1-utter chaos zoa
1-tubbs blue zoa
1-tubbs stellata
1-tropicana twist chalice
2-war favia
2-ice blue/red favia
1-neon green favia
1-asst favia
1-green acan
1-pink/orange eye cyphastrea
1-orange psamma. and green psamma. combo frag
2-mystic monti
2-sunset monti
4-rainbow rose bubble anemone
1-grafted monti cap
1-tropic thunder monti - so nice!
There's a few more but I'm going from memory. Sorry!

Local AquaCulture #2 - Arrives Friday Afternoon-ish
1-cali tort
1-red dragon
1-green slimer
1-pc rainbow
1-reef pets spiderman
1-seasons greeting monti
2-ziggy stardust
2-monti setosa
1-lg blue angels acro
2-single stalk xenia
1-neon green cabbage
1-med tyree green polyp toadstool
1-space invader pectinia
12-green and multicolored branch hammer heads
1-super red mushroom
1-wwc pink boobies chalice
1-mummy eye chalice
1-golden mummy eye chalice
1-miami hurricane chalice
1-aust golden eye chalice
2-war favia
1-sunset millepora
1-asd rainbow millepora
1-walt disney small


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Local AquaCulture #3 - Arrived Friday at Closing
This was a massive SPS frag order that filled our tanks right up. These are huge frags. Most are more like colonies.

2-purple pocillopora
2-green pocillopora
3-xl anacropora yellow slimeball
3-lg anacropora
3-spongodes monti
3-sunset monti
3-milka stylo
3-ora green stylo - neon!
1-weird green branch monti
1-bird of paradise birdsnest
3-sour apple birds
5-blue/green birds
3-pink birds
1-lg pink birds
5-kp stag
5-purple slimer
4-green slimer
2-blue formosa
5-melev shadow caster
6-wannabe cali tort
4-myagi tort
4-red prostrata
5-asst tort xl
2-med cotton candy
1-sm cotton candy
2-forest fire digi
1-sunset millepora
1-oregon tort
1-glowing green highlighter
2-razzle dazzle millepora
1-aust delight
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