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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has another stellar week of livestock arrivals set up. Designer Mushrooms arrived Tuesday. A box of Australian Euphyllia and Caribbean Cleaners + More will be AVAILABLE Friday. Mixed Wholesale also arrives Friday afternoon.

Designer Mushrooms - Arrived Tuesday
2- deadpool
1-multicolor jawbreaker
4-2 color yuma
4-3 color yuma
4-4 color yuma

1 Box Assorted Australian Euphyllia - Available Friday Morning

Caribbean Cleaners+ More - Available Friday Morning

1-cherub angel
1-xl queen angel
4-royal gramma
3-chalk bass
1-spanish hog
1-mlg atlantic blue tang
1-med volitan lion
3-condylactus anemone pink/purple
6-green flower anemone
300-blue leg hermit lg
30-scarlet hermit
50-emerald crab
1-yellow gorgonian
3-multicolored ricordea florida
4-pink rics
1-coral banded shrimp
40-peppermint shrimp
600-astraea snail
30-mexican turbo
1-blue zoa
3-sea cucumber

I'll post the Mixed Wholesale list as soon as I get it. Please remember to check the available/arrival notes before calling. The shop staff will have no info until the shipments actually arrive and are opened up.


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Mixed Wholesale - Available Saturday AM

3-cleaner wrasse
3-mccosker flasher wrasse
3-orange banded prawn goby
40-mexican turbo snail
40-blue leg hermits
1-flameback angel
12-ignitus anthias
3-purple queen anthias
1-swalesi basslet
1-bicolor blenny
2-algae blenny
4-gold midas blenny africa
4-rubby red dragonet
2-tailspot blenny
1-long horn cow
2-copperband bfly
6-longspine cardinal A. leptacanthus
4-green mandarin
3-rainford goby
2-red mandarin
1-spotted mandarin
2-yellow watchman goby
1-geometric pygmy hawk aka hifin perchlet (one of my personal favorites)
1-dwarf lion
1-fuzzy dwarf lion
1-quoy's parrot -generally reef safe
1-blue spot puffer
1-porcupine puffer
1-stripe dogface puffer
2-valentini puffer
1-lg blonde naso tang
1-clown tang
1-med flame fin tomini tang
1-xx orange shoulder tang
1-powder blue tang
1-sailfin tang
1-clown fairy wrasse
2-cryptic wrasse - such a cool reef fish. great for large or small tanks and peaceful.
2-exquisite fairy wrasse
2-indo harlequin tusk
1-marble wrasse
1-red margin fairy wrasse male
2-sixline wrasse
6-anemone crab
2-pom pom crab
6-sea hare
2-farmed blue xenia frags
6-cleaner shrimp
2-fire shrimp
2-tiger pistol shrimp
6-sexy shrimp
50-banded trochus snail
6-choc chip star
2-marble fromia star
1-orange linkia star
2-red/pink tile star
6-white sand star
2-black long spine urchin

This shipment arrives Friday afternoon. Staff will not have answers to questions regarding this order until 4-5pm. Thanks!

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