Arrivals 4/15 - 4/19

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has a nice week of arrivals this week. Biota Captive Bred Animals, 3x Local Aquaculture, Indo Fish/Inverts, Mixed Wholesale, and possibly Hawaii are all coming in.

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Wednesday
6-yellow slimeball anacropora
10-cali tort
bunch-assorted coral frags

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
2-solid red coco worm
1-carpenters flasher wrasse
1-med/l lieutenant tang
1-xl blue hippo tang
1-randalls prawn goby
2-hifin banded goby
1-maculatus angler - beautiful
1-aust micromussa multicolor - stunner will be fragged Thursday
4-heads marble branch hammer
5-heads purple stem green tip branch hammer
1-duncan coral
3-frags darwin ultra favia - beautiful little favia
1-large purple and green acan bowerbanki
1-large red/pink goniopora - if the colony doesn't sell in a few days we'll have frags
2-asst aust multicolor favia - very bright and not just plain green

Biota - All Captive Bred Animals Arrived Wednesday
1-lg blue crocea clam
6-yellow tangs
6-green mandarin dragonet - eat pellets and frozen
2-matted file - aiptasia eating
1-pygmy radial file
6-rainfords goby

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Thursday
1-bubble gum digi
2-maimi hurricane chalice
1-golden mummy eye chalice
1-mummy eye chalice
1-raja rampage chalice
2-golden eye chalice
2-xl branch green hydno
1-lg evergreen stag
1-lg ponape birdsnest
1-reef pets ultraviolet acro
1-oregon tort
1-hawkins echinata
1-m/l purple tip indo stag
2-sarmentosa acro
2-tyree tricolor acro
3-single stalk xenia
2-red war favia
1-big bright red mushroom
3-neon candycane
1-seasons greeting monti
2-purple/green tort looking acro
1-cornbreds ppe "chalice" favia
2-meteor shower cyphastrea
Few others I'm forgetting.

Indo Fish/Inv - Arrived Thursday
1-desjardini tang
2-copperband bfly
2-punctato bfly
2-pearlscale bfly
14-lyretail anthias
6-male lyretail anthias
1-female blue face trigger
2-green saddle carpet anemone
3-long tentacle anmone
10-green bubble anemone
5-sebae anemone
2-male blue face trigger
1-niger trigger
1-yellow slingjaw wrasse
2-black leopard wrasse
1-filamentous flasher wrasse
1-red coris wrasse juv
6-yellow coris wrasse
4-foxface rabbit
3-lavender tang
3-scopas tang
1-rusty angel
1-red margin fairy wrasse male
2-dogface puffer
1-ornate wrasse
1-picasso trigger
1-bursa trigger
1-undulated trigger
1-lamark angel
6-color feather duster
6-pajama cardinal
4-cleaner wrasse
1-blue sided fairy wrasse
1-lubbocks fairy wrasse
4-leopard wrasse
6-golden head sifter goby
2-melanurus wrasse
12-red firefish
4-algae blenny
2-diadema pseudo
2-hector goby
4-engineer goby
6-blue damsel
6-stripe damsel
6-domino damsel
12-scissortail darts
2-blue eye bristletooth tang

Hawaii list coming soon.
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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Hawaii - Arrives Friday Afternoon
3-potters angel
2-potters wrasse
2-ornate wrasse
2-four-lined wrasse
1-yellow tail tamarin
2-hawaiian cleaner wrasse
1-redtail tamarin wrasse female
1-redtail tamarin male
1-tonga birdsnest green ? on my Hawaii invoice. this should be interesting
12-yellow tang
8-kole tang
2-orange shoulder tang
2-naso tang
1-achilles tang
2-lavender tang
1-juv chevron tang
1-dussumieri tang
1-gold dwarf moray
6-flame angel
1-goldflake angel adult
6-sm blue tang
36-bartletts anthias
1-moorish idol
15-halloween hermit
15-hawaiian feather duster

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