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Arrivals 4/18 - 4/22

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has six livestock shipments arriving this week. Mixed Wholesale x2, Cleaner Crew+, Local Aquaculture, Captive Bred/Raised Fish and Indo Fish/Inverts are all scheduled to arrive.

We also received the good news that Tropic Marin salt has finally hit the distributors. We have 30 boxes on the way!

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrived Wednesday
1-coral beauty
5-pj cardinal
2-blue mandarin
3-yellow watchman
4-purple firefish
1-black ray shrimp goby
1-diamond sifter goby
1-dragon pipe
1-yellow mimic tang
1-xxl desjardini tang
2-sixline wrasse
6-lg cleaner shrimp
1-sea hare
20-banded trochus snail
1-purple long tentacle anemone
1-harlequin shrimp

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrived Wednesday
1-wartskin angler
5-lyretail anthias
3-royal gramma
2-algae blenny
1-ruby red dragonet
2-starry blenny
3-tailspot blenny
2-engineer goby
1-bicolor pseudo
2-blue spot puffer
3-med flame fin tomini tang
1-sm fowleri tang
1-pink tail trigger
1-melanurus wrasse
2-aust green trachy
1-red round trachy aust
1-pink w/green center symphyllia
3-eclectus mushroom!
1-indo gold torch 3 head
1-indo gold torch 2.5 head
2-stunning orange wall hammer
1-indo orange rhodactis mushroom rock
3-alveopora frag
2-frags red/green aust blasto
50-lg nassarius snail
6-tiger sand conch
3-black longspine urchin

Captive Bred/Raised Fish - Arrived Wednesday
6-black snowflake clown
6-fancy snowflake clown
4-fancy white davinci clown
25-orange ocellaris clown
6-black clown
6-blacker ice clown
2-frostbite absolute zero clown
2-chocolate mocha roundtail
6-lyretail anthias
2-porcupine puffer
1-sailfin tang

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Wednesday
1-asd rainbow millepora
1-lg ultimate sunset millepora
1-walt disney tenuis
1-gc honeycomb acropora
1-jf tnt anacropora
2-pc rainbow
1-jf jack o lantern lepto
3-everlasting gobstopper paly
3-armor of god paly
3-dragon eye zoa
3-strawberry wine paly
3-vamps paly
6-single stalk xenia
1-ora red goniopora
1-dragon lady bounce mushroom
1-wwc pink boobie chalice
1-jf raja rampage
1-purple plasma

We'll post the Cleaner Crew+ and Indo Fish/Inverts lists when we get them.