Arrivals 4/8 - 4/12

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has three or four shipments arriving this week. We are also expecting some locally farmed Rainbow Rose Bubbles to be dropped off by Saturday at the latest.

Captive Bred Fish - Arrived Wednesday

4-orange storm clown
2-mocha storm clown
2-med gold dot maroon clown
4-spotcinctus clown
2-goldstripe maroon clown
3-splendid dottyback
1-neon dottyback
2-mocha vinci clown
2-domino clown

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday

200-med blue leg hermits
50-scarlet hermits
2-green zoa colony
19-asst flower anemone mixed colors
60-emerald crab
30-peppermint shrimp
600-astraea snail
100-cerith snail
5-royal gramma
2-cherub angel
2-blackcap basslet

Australian/Taiwan Coral - Available Friday

20-Taiwan zoanthid frags
4-ricordea yuma
2-medium elegance
1-toxic green hammer
2-war paint scoly
1-xl orange rim mushroom colony - may frag
1-lg green polyp leather
1-purple goniopora

We are hoping Hawaii arrives Friday but its questionable at this moment.
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