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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
What a week at Barrier Reef. We received, or are expecting, Ultra Rock Flowers, Giant Dendros, Cleaner Crew+, ORA Captive Bred Animals, SA Clowns, 2x Mixed Wholesale, the nicest Boutique Coral order in years, 2x Local Aquaculture. I wish our Hawaii fish had made it, but they couldn't get a cargo flight booked. We expect them to arrive Tuesday.

Reef Nutrition, All LEDs, Brightwell, Neptune, RO/DI's, Hanna, Jebao, Ecotech, Vibrant, Mushroom Boxes Blue iQuatics, Marco Rock and more have all been restocked.

Ultra Rock Flower Anemones - Arrived Tuesday
50-rock flowers

SA Clowns - Arrived Tuesday
These clowns went into 2 week QT.
70-asst black ocellaris and orange ocellaris
4-midnight black
8-black snowflake
6-black storm
8-blacker ice
6-fancy davinci
4-special picasso
24-asst saltwater molly
2-onyx picasso

ORA - Captive Bred Animals - Arrived Wed
These clowns went into 2 week QT.
2-misbar ocellaris
4-naked with dots
4-orange skunk
1-orchid dottyback
6-whitespot pygmy file
1-hycainth birdsnest
1-red planet
1-mint pavona

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
30-scarlet hermit
1-giant multicolor rock flower
1-corky finger gorgonian
60-emerald crab
30-peppermint shrimp
8-serpent star
100-sm nassarius snail
12-giant lettuce nudi

Giant Fat Head Dendro - Arrived Wed
20- heads

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrived Wed
These fish arrived preconditioned and are available immediately.
12-bar goby
2-xl bella sifter goby
6-blue spot sifter goby
2-med sailfin tang
1-tiny clown trigger
1-male pintail fairy wrasse
1-melaurus wrasse
3-sand star

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrived Wednesday
These fish went into QT.
3-sunburst anthias
6-banggai cardinal
2-blue spot puffer
Available immediately.
1-lg copperband bfly
2-orange spot watchman goby
1-lg rasta leather
6-blue knuckle hermit
3-flame scallop
200-mexican turbo snail
75-zebra turbo
3-royal urchin

Boutique Corals - Arrived Thursday Night
Probably the nicest assortment of LPS we've received in years. The owner hand selected each piece for us.
1-elegance frag
2-acropora colony
2-asst color wall hammer
2-wall frogspawn
1-ultra open brain trachy
1-silk coral NPS
1-branch goniopora
1-red round brain "wellso"
3-asst green bubble - neon
1-unbelieveable red cynarina
3-insane long tentalce plate - the best in years green with white plus bright pink/purple tips
2-coco worm
1-bubblemint cyphastrea
1-leng sy cap
1-scarlet spathulata acro frag
1-hazmat monti
6-acan lord frags
3-strawberry shortcake frags
2-gold orange torch heads
3-goniopora frags
4-orange and pink ricordea florida - stunning ultras
3-yellow ricordea florida - crazy color
1-elegance coral
3-asst wall hammer
1-red multicolor trachy
1-leptoseris wrinkle coral colony
1-red encrusting goniopora
1-ultra collector chalice
2-special goniastrea maze brain
1-red fungia

Local Aquaculture - Two Shipments

One arrives Sat AM and the other Sunday AM.
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