Arrivals 5/24 - 5/29

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef is having another great week of livestock arrivals. Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale, Cleaner Crew+, Mixed Wholesale, Vietnam Coral/Anemones, Hawaii Fish and Boutique Coral are all expected.

Fresh Pods, Phyto, and Fritz Turbo Start all arrived from Algae Barn as well.

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
These fish arrive preconditioned and ready to go.
3-purple pseudo
2-canary blenny
5-algae blenny
12-firefish red
2-blue spot sifter goby
1-m/l clown trigger
8-melanurus wrasse
6-sexy shrimp
6-pink feather duster
125-cerith snail
50-bumble bee snail
4-sand star
4-choc chip star - finally but only a few

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
The fish went into QT protocol.
2-cherub angel
12-royal gramma
2-sm atlantic blue tang
5-yellow head jaw
6-ultra rock flower - bigger
100-blue leg
50-scarlet hermit
3-arrow crab
30-emerald crab
6-multicolor ric florida
2-orange ric florida
2-coral banded shrimp
20-peppermint shrimp
100-cerith snail
190-sm nassarius snail
300-astraea snail
50-zebra turbo
12-feather duster
8-fighting conch

Vietnam Coral/Anemone - Arrives Thursday Evening
2-asst red rhodactis mushroom rock
2-green rhodactis mushroom rock
9-asst color ricordea yuma rocks
3-asst red sea fan
16-asst green BTAs
2-devils hand leather
3-green cabbage leather
1-yellow leather
2-cladiella hairy leather
1-red carnation coral
22-asst color zoanthid rocks
3-sinularia pavida

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Thursday
These fish will go into QT protocol.
1-juv emperor angel
3-bicolor blenny
3-algae blenny
12-banggai cardinal
12-blue damsel
12-domino damsel
12-electric blue damsel
12-4-stripe damsel
6-yellowtail damsel
4-diamond sifter goby
12-red firefish
4-bicolor pseudo
4-purple pseudo
2-big eye squirrel
1-lg niger trigger

These fish are available immediately.
2-red scooter blenny
6-wheelers goby
3-spotted mandarin
6-melaurus wrasse

Misc- No QT
2-torch coral
1-red chili coral
1-neon green rasta leather
6-mohican sun paly
3-electric flame scallop
10-cleaner shrimp m/l
1-coral banded shrimp
40-bumble bee snails
50lg nassarius snail
3-black longspine urchin

Boutique Coral/Anemone - Arrives Thursday Evening
2-red acid wash BTA
2-aquacultured acro frags
2-open brains trachy
1-single duncan head
1-asst torch
1-dragon soul torch
1-purple branching goniopora
1-yellow ric florida - sold AC

Hawaii Fish - TBD
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