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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
It's a great week of arrivals at Barrier Reef. This weeks shipments include the entire contents of a local customer's 330 gallon reef, Boutique Coral, ORA Aqua Cultured Fish/Coral, Lg Tahitian Maxima Clams, and Mixed Wholesale.

Boutique Coral - Arrived Tuesday
2-ultra orange chalice frag
1-prism favia
1-xl elegance
2-multicolor torch heads
2-green goniopora colony
1-orange/green acan echinata frag
1-green/blue alveopora frag
3-goniopora red short polyp frag
1-ecc prismatica chalice frag
1-ecc golden ridge favia frag
1-ecc shark bite favia frag
2-ecc watermelon chalice hybrid frag
4-neon green branch hammer heads
5-purple/green branch hammer heads

ORA Captive Bred Fish/Coral - Arrived Tuesday
1-electric indigo dottyback
3-yellowline goby
6-sharknose goby
1-orange zoa
1-pom pom xennia
1-aust delicate
1-skyline granulosa - new!
6-pin cushion urchin
1-blue hypnea algae
2-red goniopora
2-sm derasa clam
1-squamosa clam
1-green polyp stag

Tahitian Maxima Clams - Available Friday AM
15-Lg Blue Maxima Clam

Mixed Wholesale - Available Friday
3-geometric pygmy hawk
3-twinspot goby
3-pajama cardinal
1-lemonpeel angel
2-bicolor blenny
2-gold midas blenny
2-starry blenny
3-tailspot blenny
4-baggai cardinal captive bred
2-bella sifter goby
6-diamond sifter goby
3-green mandarin
1-orange banded prawn goby
2-orange spot prawn goby
2-hifin prawn goby
2-yellow prawn goby
1-flame hawk
4-pearly jaw
3-bicolor pseudo
1-porcupine puffer
2-scribbled rabbit
1-m/l blonde naso
1-clown tang
1-xl desjardini sailfin tang
5-flame fin tang
1-harlequin tusk
3-sixline wrasse
2-purple base bubble anemone
2-blue eye alveopora frag
1-chili pepper monti
1-super rhodactis mushroom rock
1-spotted red disco mushroom rock
2-gold stem cristata torch
3-tonga red goni frags
4-aust red goni frags
6-anemone crab
6-cleaner shrimp
3-tiger pistol shrimp
12-sexy shrimp

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