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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has lined up another great week of arrivals. Mixed Wholesale, Indo Fish/Inv, Cleaner Crew+ and Local Aqua Culture are all coming.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
1-adult emperor angel
1-ember blenny
12-azure damsel
12-saphire damsel
1-snowflake eel
3-bicolor goatfish
2-green banded goby
1-catalina goby
2-flame hawk
1-magnificent fox face
1-choati wrasse!
1-xl purple long tentacle anemone - gorgeous!
6-anemone crabs
2-longspine urchinn
2-purple pin cushion urchin

Indo Fish/Inv - Arrived Wednesday
2-female ventralis anthias - stunners!
1-bamboo cat shark
4-coral beauty
2-powder brow tang
5-scopas tang
3-yellow bristletooth tang
3-copperband bfly
1-orbic bat
6-golden head sifter goby
2-red coris wrasse adult
2-temminckii wrasse
6-melanurus wrasse
1-stripe squirrel
8-male lyretail anthias
12-female lyretail anthias
1-arc eye hawk
1-spotted hawk
6-purple queen anthias
1-sohal tang
1-purple tang
6-sm foxface
10-juv leopard wrasse
11-algae blenny
13-red fire fish
12-pajama cardinal
12-green bubble anemone
6-assorted sebae anemone
6-snowflake type spotted bubble anemone
1-green saddle carpet anemone
2-lonng tentacle anemone
12-sand star
8-choc chip star
6-stripe damsel
6-domino damsel
12-blue eye cardinal - so cool
2-golden rabbit
2-dragon/bullet goby - great for eating red planaria
1-rainbow quevittatum wrasse
4-yellow coris wrasse
2-female blue face trigger
1-bursa trigger
1-undulated trigger
2-humma trigger
2-lubbocks fairy wrasse
2-filamentous flasher wrasse
6-asst sailfin tang
2-dogface puffer
6-sea hare
2-sabella tube worm
2-blue sided fairy wrasse
6-blue cleaner wrasse

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Thursday
200-med blue leg hermit
30-scarlet hermit
2-red tree sponge
6-orange ric florida
6-neon green flower
3-red flower lg
4-ultra flower
50-emerald crab
8-peppermint shrimp
600-astraea snail
6-lettuce nudi
4-royal gramma
1-cherub angel

We'll post the Local Aqua Culture list once it arrives later today.


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Local Aquaculture - Arrived Thursday
3-oregon tort
23-heads of assorted branch hammer
3-tyree green polyp leather
2-neon green cabbage
1-blue sympodium polyp
2-kryptonite candycane
4-single stalk xenia
1-beautifully shaped yellow cup
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