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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has Berghia Nudibranchs, Rock Flower Anemones, Cleaner Crew+x2, Mixed Wholesalex2, Boutique Coralx2, Biota Captive Bred Animals and Local Aquaculture all scheduled for this week. The remainder of the Hawaii shipment is coming out of QT Protocol this week also. Phew, what a week!

Reef Nutrition and Algae Barn were both restocked this week as well. We have lots of fresh Pods and Phyto for your animals.

25-berghia nudibranch arrived Tuesday
60-ultra rock flowers arrive Thursday

Local Aquaculture - Arrives Friday
List to be determined

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Tuesday (more coming Saturday)
3-chalk bass
2-sm atlantic blue tang
2-med lion
1-green file fish
2-pink tip condylactus anemone
100-med blue leg hermit
35-scarlet hermit
40-emerald crab
2-sally light foot crab
1-yellow/red gorgonian
4-anemone shrimp
10-peppermint shrimp
600-astraea snail
1-red knobby star
6-feather duster
4-crown conch
1-flame scallop
1-pencil urchin
3-pin cushion urchin
3-cucumber sifting

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
These fish are preconditioned and ready to go.
1-flagfin angel
2-coral beauty
2-royal gramma
2-algae blenny
2-pyramid butterfly
3-yellow watchamn goby
6-purple firefish
6-red firefish
4-dimond sifter goby
2-med tomini tang
3-sm hippo tang
1-lg hippo tang
1-lg hummu trigger
1-sixline wrasse
10-cleaner shrimp
30-bumble bee snail
30-red banded trochus snail

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrives Thursday
Most of these fish will be going into our 10-14 day QT Protocol.
1-flame angel
1-wartskin angler
3-scooter blenny
3-black/white heniochus
3-copperband bfly
6-banggai cardinal
3-wheeler goby
3-engineer goby
3-orange spot watchman goby
3-rainford goby
3-target mandarin
1-blue line grouper
1-lg miniatus grouper
6-perly jaw
3-bicolor pseudo
2-blue spot toby
2-valentini toby
2-big eye squirrel
1-clown tang
1-powder blue tang
1-spotted yellow eye tang
1-vlamingi tang
1-bursa trigger
2-carpenters flasher wrasse
2-divided leopard wrasse
1-exquisite fairy
2-green coris
2-melanurus wrasse
1-male red margin fairy wrasse
2-bubble coral
6-heads green branch hammer
2-snow cap green monti cap
2-tubbs stellata monti
1-rasta leather neon green
2-tonga yellow leather
4-anemone crab
6-blue knuckle hermit
3-tiger tail cucumber
6-mohican sun paly frag
6-cleaner shrimp
10-tiger pistol shrimp
1-marble star
1-pink/red fromia
6-tiger brittle star
2-long spine urchin
3-tuxedo urchin

Biota Captive Bred Animals - Arrives Friday
8-aiptasia file
2-green mandarin
2-links goby
4-rainfords goby
2-stripe blenny
2-forktail blenny

Boutique Coral - Arrives Thursday
1-red trachy
1-orange rim fungia
6-grade a acan sm colony
1-ultra rainbow acan
3-xs elegance
2-red or green scoly
2-ultra bleeding apple scoly
1-pink rim trachy
1-green fungia
1-orange fungia
1-gold torch
2-black torh
3-pink tip joker torch
2-toxic goniopora
1-interstellar mushroom rock
2-ultra orange branch lobo
2-metallic polyp leather
1-finger leather
3-sm bubble coral
2-lg bubble coral
1-LT plate

Boutique Coral - Arrives Friday
List coming.


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef'second round of shipments that are arriving late in the week.

Cleaner Crew+ #2 - Arrives Saturday
1-med queen angel
150-zebra turbo snail
6-ultra red flower anemone
2-green flower anemone
2-corky sea finger gorg
3-brittle star

Boutique Coral #2 - Arrives Friday Afternoon
3-ACI fireworks favites
2-rhodactis mushroom
1-LT plate
1-green goniopora
1-red goniopora
1-blastomussa wellsi
1-red open brain
1-green open brain
1-cool cyc. plate coral
1-insane elegance coral

Local AquaCulture- Arrived Friday
Around 100 assorted frags.
Local Aquacutlure - Arrives Friday
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