Arrivals 7/1 - 7/5

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef had Mixed Wholesale and Local Aquaculture arrive this week. We are closed on the 4th but its back to business 10-7 again Friday.

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Wednesday
6-bird of paradise
6-rasta zoa
2-superman monti
2-spongebob zoa
2-jason fox johnny C zoa
1-passion flower birdsnest

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
1-green/pink millepora colony
1-blue millepora colony
1-pink millepora colony - sold
1-pink chalice with orange eye colony
1-war paint scoly - nice pattern
1-huge orange lobo
2-huge multi color lobo
1-pink lobo
1-lg multi shade green open brain trachy
3-ultra ric florida - multiple mouths bright orange
1-stunning ricordea yuma
2-green stripe mushroom
2-blue mushroom
25-banded trochus snail
20-acropora millepora fresh cut frags
3-skittles favites frag bright red with orange eye
1-tubs stellata monti
2-grafted monti cap
2-bubblegum digi
2-forest fire digi
2-strawberry shortcake frag - one has amazing color
3-brown w/ green center candycane
2-brownish torch coral
3-rhodactis mushroom
2-elegance coral
1-pink tip w orange stem wall hammer - this one has huge potential
1-neon orange fungia small
1-pectinia - green
1-neon green cabbage leather
1-pyramid butterfly
1-snowflake eel
1-pink bar goby
1-yasa hashe goby
1-valentini puffer
1-blue hippo tang 2.5"
1-sm powder blue tang
4-cleaner shrimp
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