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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has some fantastic livestock shipments booked for this week. We have received, or will receive, Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale, Sustainable Aquatics Clowns & Captive Raised Fish, Cleaner Crew+, Jakarta Coral, and possibly Hawaii Fish.

We also received Ecotech, Neptune, Hanna, Algae Barn Pods/Phyto, and Reef Nutrition arrives Thursday or Friday. Phew, what a week!

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday
These fish are so healthy and are ready to go!
1-lg flag fin angel
1-lemon peel angel
1-female lamarck angel
5-female lyretail anthias
1-long horn cow
6-pj cardinal
10-yellowtail damsel
6-domino damsel
5-blue mandarin - pretty sure they've all sold but you can call to check
1-med snowflake eel
1-randalls watchman goby
2-lg yellow watchman goby
4-purple firefish
6-red firefish
2-black ray goby
1-valentini puffer
1-flame banded pipe
1-yellow mimic tang
4-tomini tang
1-med naso
5-sm hippo tang
1-lg clown trigger
1-female blue throat trigger
2-male blue throat trigger
1-xl male pintail fairy wrasse
1-green bird wrasse
1-carpenter's flasher wrasse
6-mono argentus
2-tiger pistol
2-randalls pistol
6-harlequin shrimp
12-halloween hermit
20-bumble bee snail
50-banded trochus
1-choc chip star

Sustainable Aquatics Clowns and Captive Bred Fish - Arrived Tuesday
The Clowns have entered our 14 day treatment protocol, but the captive raised fish are ready to go.
6-fancy snowflake
4-fancy white
12-orange ocellaris
6-jumbo ocellaris
12-black ocellaris
2-blacker ice w bulletholes
2-midnight black lightning
2-mocha storm
6-mixed black snowflake
2-mocha vinci

Captive Raised Fish
1-med juv emperor angel
1-porcupine puffer small
1-sm kole tang
2-sm yellow tang
3-m/l yellow tang

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
The fish will enter QT protocol.
3-chalk bass
2-aiptasia file
3-zebra flounder
6-condylactus anemone
100-lg blue leg hermit
20-scarlet hermit
20-emerald crab
3-sally light foot crab
1-yellow/red gorg
10-peppermint shrimp
90-sm nassarius snail
300-astraea snail
3-brittle star
6-serpent star
6-feather duster
6-fighting conch
4-lettuce nudi

We have a large Jakarta Coral shipment confirmed for Friday and another Cleaner Crew shipment arriving as well. Fingers are crossed in hopes that Hawaii arrives Saturday.
I'll post the lists as things arrive.
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