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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has a Mixed Wholesale order arriving Wednesday this week.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Wed Afternoon
60-red leg hermit
60-astraea snail
45-nerite snail
1-coral beauty angel
12-lyretail anthias
4-randall's anthias male
8-female randall's
2-flametail blenny
3-ruby red dragonet
1-copperband blfy
6-pajama cardinal
12-azure damsel
6-diamond sifter goby
2-green mandarin
3-rainford goby
2-yellow watchman goby
2-geometric pygmy hawk - one of my favorite fish
2-valentini puffer
1-clown tang
4-flame fin tang
1-powder blue tang
1-male blue throat trigger
1-exquisite fairy wrasse
2-six line wrasse
3-sea hare
3-tiger pistol shrimp
50-mexican turbo snail
100-lg nassarius snail
6-tiger sand conch
3-sand star
1-flame angel
2-starry blenny
1-long horn cow
12-saphire damsel
6-bar goby
3-yasa hashe goby
1-spotted mandarin
2-antenna goby
1-med yellow tang
1-blue flasher wrasse
2-carpenter's flasher wrasse
1-line spot flasher
1-male red margin fairy wrasse
4-cleaner shrimp
1-fire shrimp
2-blue acro frags
2-highlighter acro frags
2-aust acropora ultra conlony
1-aust chalice - wow
1-purple nurple ricordea yuma rock - will frag into singles
3-green apple monti frags
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