Arrivals 7/26 - 7/31

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
These are the shipments we have lined up for this week. We had locally grown Bubble Tip Anemones dropped off over the weekend. Hawaii arrived Sunday and will be ready to go by this Saturday. Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale is arriving Wednesday. Cleaner Crew+ and ORA will arrive later this week. Next week we have another big Jakarta shipment booked!

Hawaii Fish - Arrived Sunday
Put into 10-14 day QT protocol.

2-potter angels
1-blue toby puffer
18-yellow tang
4-potters wrasse
7-kole tang
4-cleaner shrimp
2-naso tang sm
2-naso tang med
1-naso tang lg
1-bicolor anthias
2-blue throat trigger male
3-gold dwarf moray

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Wednesday
These fish are ready to go.
1-coral beauty
3-sunburst anthias
2-canary blenny
2-algae blenny
1-lg long horn cow
2-med black and white heniochus
12-threadfin cardinal
12-L/XL springeri damsel - finally back in stock!
2-ruby red scooter blenny
8-asst size blue mandarin
2-yellow watchman goby
6-lg red firefish
1-m/l volitan lion
1-neon puffer
2-flame banded pipe
2-med tomini tang
1-m/l blue hippo
1-s/m juv harlequin tusk
2-melanurus wrasse
2-male carpenter's flasher wrasse
1-yellowbanded possum wrasse - working our way through the wait list n this guy. sorry not for sale until we contact everyone.
2-tiger pistol
2-randalls pistol

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Thursday
15-ultra red rock flower
100-med/l blue leg hermit
33-scarlet hermit
2-arrow crab
30-emerald crab
1-purple whip
2-coral banded shrimp
5-peppermint shrimp
75-margarita snail
40-sm nassarius snail
400-astraea snail
50-zebra turbo snail
3-knobby star
12-lettuce nudi
1-red st thomas mushroom

ORA Captive Bred - Arrived Thursday
1-kamohara blenny
2-harptail blenny
2-striped blenny
1-elongate dottyback
2-orchid dottyback
1-neon dottyback
2-scooter blenny
3-yellowline goby
3-sharknose goby
6-blue tuxedo urchin
6-red tuxedo urchin
2-derasa clam 2.5"
1-derasa clam 4.5"
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