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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef had a large Indo Fish/Inv order arrive Wednesday this week.

Indo Fish/Inv - Arrived Wednesday
1-adult red coris wrasse
2-coral beauty
1-vlamingi tang
2-blue eye tang
4-fox face
1-rabbit fish
1-racoon bfly
4-algae blenny
2-filamentous flasher wrasse
1-moorish idol
2-male blue face trigger
2-female bf trigger
1-bursa trigger
1-niger trigger
1-humma trigger
5-pyramid bfly
6-melanurus wrasse
3-LT anemone
2-green saddle carpet anemone
7-asst sebae anemone
8-green bubble anemone
1-mlae red margin fairy wrasse
1-clown tang
2-blue sided fairy wrasse
2-lubbocks fairy wrasse
1-arc eye hawk
3-green mandarin
2-cleaner wrasse
3-sixline wrasse
10-yellow tail blue damsel
2-diadema pseudo
6-stripe damsel
5-blue damsel
6-domino damsel
6-engineer goby
2-hectors goby
1-snowflake eel
3-scooter blenny
1-copperband bfly
1-dwarf zebra lion
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