Arrivals 7/8 - 7/12

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has three shipments arriving this week. Cleaner Crew+, Mixed Wholesale, and ORA Captive Bred Livestock will all be available for purchase Wednesday morning. In really exciting news, ORA is shipping us four Gigas Clams. These have not been available for almost a decade. We are looking forward to the return of the king of GIANT clams.

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Tuesday
1-med french angel
2-cherub angel
6-royal gramma
6-chalk bass
1-sm spanish hog
4-LT pink/purple condylactus anemone
6-ultra red flower anemone
100-blue leg hermits
50-scarlet hermits
60-emerald crab
1-purple ribbon gorg
1-yellow gorg
3-pink ricordea
1-umbrella mushroom
30-peppermint shrimp
3-feather duster
4-pin cushion urchin
350-astraea snail

ORA Captive Bred Livestock - Arrived Tuesday
10-banggai cardinal
1-electric indigo dottyback
1-orchid dotty
1-white spot pygmy file
3-sharknose goby
1-orange zoa
6-pom pom xenia
1-green tip pink birdsnest
2-joe the coral
1-laura's purple polyp
1-skyline granulosa
1-stellar stylo
6-pin cushion urchin
2-red mangrove
3-tiger tail seahorse
3-small derasa clam
2-lg derasa clam
4-sm gigas clam - these have been absent in the hobby for around 10 years. Please research how big they get. Capable of over 48" long.
1-micronesian green polyp stag

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Tuesday
1-coral beauty
4-randalls anthias
3-chalk bass
2-algae blenny
3-midas blenny
2-tailspot blenny
1-sm black and white heniochus
1-copperband bfly
12-azure damsel
12-saphire damsel
1-dwarf yellow moray
1-aiptasia file
12-bar goby
2-bella goby
2-dragon goby
3-green mandarin
3-spotted watchman goby
3-rainfordi goby
1-randalls goby
2-red mandarin
2-pink and blue spot watchman
6-yellow clown goby
2-spotted mandarin
2-yellow rose goby
3-yellow watchman goby
1-sm marine betta
1-med panther grouper
1-flame hawk
1-geometric pygmy hawk
2-long nose hawk
1-dwarf lion
1-volitan lion
1-quoyi parrot
3-dragon pipe
2-flame banded pipe
2-bicolor pseudo
1-purple pseudo
1-blue spot puffer
1-porcupine puffer
2-valentini puffer
1-metallic rabbit
1-sm red emperor snapper - i get big
2-med blue hippo
1-clown tang
2-med naso tang
1-powder blue tang
2-sm sailfin tang
2-sm vlamingi tang
2-sm yellow tang
1-med hummu trigger
1-niger trigger
2-black leopard wrasse
1-clow fairy
1-harlequin tusk aust
1-harlequin tusk indo
1-marble wrasse
1-pintail fairy male lg
1-grafted monti
1-candy apple monti cap
1-rainbow acan frag
1-acan lord pink frag
1-pink and green symphyllia
3-tonga bubble coral
2-umbrella leather
2-yellow leather
6-anemone crab
4-lg cleaner shrimp
2-candy stripe pistol shrimp
3-tiger pistol
12-sexy shrimp
50-lg nassarius snail
2-marble fromia
2-red/pink tile star
6-sand star
2-royal urchin
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