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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
We are happy to report that our Reef Wall system is finally back to normal. It'll be next week before we reload on cleaner crew animals, but the corals are happy again and we have 5 boxes of new Jakarta Coral arriving Friday morning. Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale also arrived Wednesday. Finally, a batch of Clowns finished their two week QT protocol, and are ready to go.

We were also restocked on Algae Barn Pods and Reef Nutrition foods.

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
3-red spotted algae blenny
2-bicolor blenny
3-algae blenny
5-lg green chromis
5-wheelers watchman goby
1-yellow watchman
3-lagoon goby
1-green coral goby
4-purple firefish
5-red firefish
2-bella sifter goby
5-diamond sifter goby
2-blue spot jawfish
2-neon puffer
2-blotched foxface
3-flame banded pipe
2-powder blue tang
2-clown tang
4-tomini tang
3-blonde naso tang
2-naso tang
3-sm blue hippo tang
2-sailfin tang
6-sixline wrasse
1-michaels pistol shrimp
1-rainbow urchin

Jakarta Coral - Arrives Friday!!
8-asst acropora
3-green clove
1-unique blastomussa wellsi
1-special orange fungia
2-branch hammer
3-gold branch hammer
1-red goniopora
6-ultra trachyphyllia
1-special ric yuma
3-green torch
1-orange octo branch orange
1-watermelon mushroom
1-rainbow mushroom
3-asst zoa rock
1-green cynarina
6-green trachy
2-acanthophyllia meat coral ultra!
1-gold torch
6-green bubble coral
2-green hairy mushroom
2-jasmine polyp
3-green star
1-green frogspawn
1-branch green frogspawn
2-red goniopora
3-green metallic LT plate
4-red trachy
3-metallic green mushroom
2-giant cup mushroom
1-combo rock
2-finger sinularia
2-candycane big eye
1-orange plate
2-green goniopora
2-red dome brain
1-green organ pipe
1-ultra goniopora
4-umbrella leather "indo yellow"
18-electric blue knuckle hermit
12-orange tube anemone
2-galaxy coral
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