Arrivals 9/1 - 9/4

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has 4-5 shipments arriving this week. Mixed Wholesale arrived Wednesday and is ready to go. Cleaner Crew+ and Hawaii arrive Friday. Hawaii will go into 10-14 day conditioning protocol. We've also ordered coral but haven't received confirmation yet. Lastly, Berghia arrived Tuesday. I'm not sure how many are left though.

We were also restocked on Rods Food, LRS, Algae Barn Pods & Phyto, and Reef Nutrition. What a week!

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
1-med adult majestic angel
2-bicolor blenny
2-algae blenny
2-scooter blenny
2-m/l black and white heniochus
4-med copperband bfly
3-gold dwarf moray - 1 available
4-diamond sifter goby
2-engineer goby
1-blueline grouper
1-med panther grouper
2-flame hawk
1-orchid dottyback
1-blue spot puffer
1-valentini puffer
2-m/l foxface
2-m/l blue hippo
1-vlamingi tang
2-kole tang
2-m/l yellow tang
1-clown fariy wrasse
1-exquisite fairy wrasse
1-green coris wrasse
2-melanurus wrasse
1-red margin fairy wrasse
1-red ea cleaner wrasse
2-sm elegance coral
2-tiger tail cucumber
4-sea hare
2-m/l maxima clam
6-lg cleaner shrimp
3-fire shrimp
6-candy stripe pistol shrimp
6-tiger tail pistol shrimp
50-bumble bee shrimp
2-sand star

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Friday
200-blue leg hermit
100-sm nassarius snail
300-astraea snail
20-zebra turbo snail
10-peppermint shrimp
24-emerald crab
3-chalk bass
1-lg lion
2-arrow crab

We'll post Coral and Hawaii lists once we get them!


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Arrivals Part Two. We posted the other lists yesterday. In addition, Hawaii and Mixed Coral arrive Friday.

Hawaii - Arrived Friday AM
2-potter angel
12-yellow tang
1-achilles tang med
3-gold dwarf eel
2-black boxfish
6-kole tang
4-hawaiian cleaner wrasse
4-potters wrasse
3-four line wrasse
1-female blue throat ttrigger

Mixed Coral - Arrives Friday Night
4-duncan coral
2-xmas rock
2-elegance coral
3-crocea clam
1-green tip torch
3-indo gold torch
1-pinnk/orange hammer
1-branch frogspawn
1-ultra rainbow acan
3-aust gold torch
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