Arrivals 9/14 - 9/18

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has lined up some great livestock for this week. Preconditioned Wholesale, Indo Corals, Cleaner Crew+, and Mixed Wholesale are all coming in. We also had a bunch of corals dropped off by local hobbyists the past few days, including Kryptonite Candy Cane colonies, big chunks of glowing Fascination Favia, Zoanthids, Branch Frogspawn, GSP, and more! We still have Berghia Nudibranchs as well.

On the hard goods side we are loaded with frozen foods including Hikari, PE, LRS, and Rods. Lots of Red Sea and Fritz salt is arriving Thursday. In exciting news, Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt 200 gallon mix buckets are supposed to arrive next week, as well as Brightwell Neo Marine in two bucket sizes. We are also expanding our Brightwell SKUs to satisfy some of your requests. If you come in over the next few weeks you will also notice we are moving things around, removing some small walls, and starting more painting. We are getting ready for the final push to finish up our remodeling plans.

Preconditioned Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
1-coral beauty angel
6-dispar anthias
6-female lyretail anthias
3-male lyretail anthias
2-purple pseudo
2-bicolor blenny
2-pyramid bfly
3-schooling heniochus
12-xl pj cardinal
6-springeri damsel
6-domino damsel
2-ruby red dragonet
2-blue mandarin
4-yellow watchman goby
3-yellow clown goby
2-black ray watchman goby
1-lg marine betta
4-blue stripe snapper
1-lg balck volitan lion
1-xl dogface puffer
1-porcupine puffer
2-xl samurai squirrel
1-lg clown tang
1-yellow angel mimic tang
2-tomini tang
3-asst size blue hippo tang
4-asst size scopas tang
1-lg sailfin tang
1-m/l rectangle trigger
1-xl male pintail fairy
4-sixline wrase
6-mono argentus sm
5-red band trochus snail
2-beautiful sticky purple long tentacle anemone

Indo Coral - Arrived Wednesday
1-dragon soul type torch colony
1-orange branch frogspawn colony
1-pink branch hammer with 1 orange head colony
1-purple/green branch hammer colony
8-frags asst bright green torch - some with purple tips
4-frags orange branch frogspawn
1-neon orange w green center lobo
4-asst maze brain
8-big indo acro colonies
1-bicolor red goniopora

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Thursday
200-med blue leg
60-scarlet hermit
6-lg rock flower
1-golden sea rod
3-purple plume gorg
1-yellow gorg
50-emerald crab
2-arrow crab
6-horseshoe crab
600-astraea snail
10-lettuce nudi
12-assorted marine plants
6-royal gramma

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Friday
I'll post the list Thursday night but this will have shrimp, corals, fish, etc.
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