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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has Mixed Wholesale and Boutique Coral arriving Friday afternoon. We also had a few locally grown Zoas come in Thursday.

Locally Grown Zoas - Arrived Thursday
3- 2 polyp Rainbow Incinerator
2- sm frags www Halle Berries
1- frag Bella Donna

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Friday Afternoon
3-aiptasia file
3-algae blenny
3-purple pseudo
6-bimac anthias
12-orange anthias
3-royal gramma
3-ruby red dragonet
2-starry blenny
2-tailspot blenny
1-long horn cow
6-sm black and white heniochus
12-azure damsel
12-saphire damsel
1-xl tassle filefish!
6-bar goby
12-diamond goby
6-green mandarin
2-orange banded watchman goby
6-purple firefish
2-red mandarin
1-flame hawk - sold
1-dwarf lion
1-quoys parrot
2-red banded pipe
1-porcupine puffer
1-valentini puffer
1-sm blonde naso
1-m/l blonde naso
2-sm blue hippo tang
2-sm naso tang
1-m/l orange shoulder tang
1-med powder blue tang
2-m/l sailfin tang
1-m/l lieutenant tang
1-yellow eye kole tang
1-male blue throat trigger
1-christmas wrasse
1-exquisite fairy wrasse
1-marble wrasse
1-orange back fairy wrasse
1-male pintail fairy wrasse
2-red fin fairy wrasse
4-sixline wrasse
2-green bubble anemone - 1 sold
1-long tentacle anemone
1-seabae anemone
1-aust trachy brain green
1-tonga yellow leather
10-anemone crab
2-sea hare
4-lg cleaner shrimp
3-fire shrimp
2-tiger pistol
2-candy stripe pistol
1-zanzibar coral banded shrimp - so cool!
4-fountain head super color feather duster
WYSIWYG Pic from supplier before shipping-
1-aust super lobo
1-acan colony
1-ultra green tip tonga ritteri anemone - been so hard to find one!
3-emerald fire monti digitata
2-tonga acropora
1-mackay aust trachy ultra
1-neon aust trachy
1-pink platygyra maze brain
1-gold stem cristata torch

Boutique Coral - Arrives Friday Afternoon
2-elegance coral
2-heads miami hurricane orange tip torch
1-silver/green fungia
1-metallic orange fungia
1-long tentacle plate metallic green
1-purple goniopora
1-purple and green goniopora
1-red/green trachy
1-metallic trachy
1-beautiful orange eye acan echinata
1-lg elegance
1-long tentacle plate
1-orange pavona maldivensis - love this coral!
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