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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef had three nice shipments arrive this week. Bali Fish, Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale, and Mixed Wholesale all arrived. Many of these fish will enter Conditioning Protocol but there are tons of fish available right now. We also had a small batch of fish that finished up QT and are also ready for new homes.

On the hard goods side, Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt arrived Tuesday. If you are looking for the ultimate salt, this is it. Algae Barn Pods and Phyto as well as Reef Nutrition are both set to arrive Thursday.

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday
These are ready to go!
2-coral beauty
2-female bimac anthias
3-algae blenny
2-long horn cow
3-blue mandarin
1-snowflake moray
1-slantbar goby
6-xl purple firefish
4-black ray shrimp goby
6-diamond sifter goby
2-valentini puffer
1-dragon pipe
2-tomini tang
2-social fairy wrasse male
1-lemon meringue wrasse
2-male carpenters flasher wrasse
6-xl cleaner shrimp
1-fire shrimp
2-purple/yellow urchin
6-choc chip star
1-ritteri anemone

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday
Some of these are in QT and some are ready to go.
6-azure damsel
1-miniatus grouper
2-flame hawk
2-tiger jaw
2-fridmani dotty captive bred
1-m/l blue eye tang
1-med niger trigger
1-xxl niger trrigger
1-sebae anemone
3-sally lightfoot crab
6-lg cleaner shrimp
4-fire shrimp
2-gold coral banded shrimp
6-candy stripe pistol shrimp
12-tiger sand conch
30-zebra turbo snail
4-sand star

Bali Fish Direct Shipment - Arrived Tuesday
Most of these fish have all gone into QT protocol.
2-panther grouper
3-russet squirrel
3-fox face
3-banded pipe
6-dragon pipe
2-blueline pipe
1-lunare wrasse
6-sand star
24-yellow tail damsel
3-snowflake eel
2-gold spec jawfish ??
2-scribbled rabbit
2-m/l lieutenant tang
2-blue sided fairy wrasse
2-green "coris" wrasse
50-banded trochus snail
3-bicolor blenny
2-tomiyama signal goby
1-emperor snapper
4-blonde naso tang
2-m/l desjardini tang
6-yellow coris wrasse
2-clown fairy wrasse
2-threadfin bfly
2-sm raccoon bfly
2-kleins bfly
6-copperband bfly
6-talbots damsel
12-springeri damsel
4-valentini puffer
2-sm powder blue tang
1-m/l clown tang
3-scopas tang
1-humu trigger
1-m/l flagfin angel
1-m/l majestic angel
1-med six bar angel
1-med blue face angel
1-bicolor angel
12-stripe damsel
12-royal damsel
4-orange spot watchman goby
4-purple queen anthias
4-scooter blenny
6-spottail gudgeon
4-golden head sifter goby
4-yellow watchman goby
12-banggai cardinal
1-sm niger trigger
3-sixline wrasse
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