Arrivals 9/23 - 9/27

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has four shipments booked for this week. Local AquaCulture, Cleaner Crew+, SAR Captive Bred Clowns, and Boutique Corals are all coming in.

Local AquaCulture - Arrived Tuesday
20-nano fancy ocellaris
3-green hydnophora
6-single stalk xenia
2-neon toxic cabbage
15-heads green branch hammer
2-3" cali tort
2-neon green candy cane
2-med/lg miami hurricane chalice

SAR Captive Bred Clowns - Arrived Tuesday
2-black storm
4-lightning maroon
4-premium snowflake
2-black longfin misbar
2-gold lightning maroon
2-wyoming white

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Wednesday
1-purple candleabra
3-red gorgonian
1-golden sea rod
6-green flower anemone
6-red flower anemone
30-emerald crab
20-peppermint shrimp
600-astraea snail
2-cherub angel
6-lettuce nudi
4-juv atlantic blue tang
6-royal gramma

Boutique Corals - Arriving Thursday Morning
2-green open brain
2-red open brain
2-rainbow open brain
2-ultra zoa rock
2-acan grade a large
20-acan frags
1-rainbow acan med
4-aust acropora
2-elegance coral
2-green goniopora
2-red goniopora
1-orange rim mushroom colony
1-red spotted mushroom colony
2-interstellar mushroom
16 red blasto heads
6-green/purple blasto heads
2-lg green polyp umbrella leather
1-metallic polyp
1-green bubble coral
1-lg bubble coral
1-galaxy coral
3-orange torch heads
6-black tip torch heads
2-pink tip green torch
2-ultra orange tip torch
1-orange branch hammer
1-neon toxic wall hammer
1-bicolor wall hammer
1-xl prism favia
1-toxic green favia
1-green branch alveopora
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