Arrivals 9/28 - 10/2

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef had two Local Aquaculture orders, Cleaner Crew+, ORA Captive Bred Fish/Coral, and Sustainable Aquatics Captive Bred & Captive Raised Fish arrive this week. It sounds like our big Indo Coral shipment is coming next week. We also are releasing the big Bali Fish shipment on Friday. These fish will have completed 10 days of conditioning by then. See below for a Thur-Sun special.

All Reef Nutrition, Algae Barn, Turbo Start, & Frozen Food 20% Off Thursday - Sunday. We ordered too many pods, so we decided to offer a special on everything in our fridge and freezer!

Local Aquaculture #1 - Arrived Sunday 9/27
1-candy apple monti
1-oregon tort
1-cali tort
1-red people eater
1-rainbow bubble tip anemone
1-purple haze monti
2-jack o lantern lepto
2-red cap
2-light blue candy cane
1-purple stylo
2-ultra grandis paly
1-ppe chalice
2-big orange lace cloves
2-bubble gum digi
1-ora green birdsnest
8-asst zoanthids

Local Aquaculture #2 - Arrived Tuesday
1-idaho grape monti
1-blue matrix
1-honeycomb acro
1-aussie gold tort
1-pc rainbow acro
1-rc poison envy acro
1-blue angels acro
1-dragon lady bounce
2-rmf acid trip acro
2-single stalk xenia
1-mint pavona

ORA - Arrived Wednesday
3-gold dot maroon
2-lightning maroon
3-captive bred blue mandarin
2-white spotted pygmy file
1-orange zoa
1-vargas cespitularia
1-green birdsnest
1-red planet
1-pink birdsnest
2-peach digi
2-derasa clam 2.5"
1-derasa clam 4.5"
2-ultra black & color maxima 1.5"
3-squamosa clam 3"
1-blue bottlebrush
3-neon green polyp acro

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Wed/Thur
2-cherub angel
2-med atlantic blue tang
9-asst condylactus anemone
100-blue leg hermit
50-scarlet hermit
2-yellow/red gorg
2-purple frilly gorg
1-corky sea finger
4-shaving brush
10-peppermint shrimp
17-lg nassarius
50-zerba turbo
6-feather duster
6-fighting conch
3-pin cushion urchin
47-emerald crab
100-sm nassarius
1-indigo hamlet

SA- Clows and Captive Bred/Raised Fish - Arrived Wednesday
The Clowns will be in QT for 14 days.

12-black snowflake
6-fancy white
30-orange ocellaris
20-black ocellaris
2-midnight black lightning
2-onyx picasso c-quest
2-juv emperor angel

Loads of Fish being let out of QT Friday!
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