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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has another nice week of arrivals planned. We have Mixed Wholesale, Berghia Nudis, Sustainable Aquatics Captive Bred/Raised Fish, Cleaner Crew+, and Locally Aquacultured Corals all set to arrive.

Berghia Nudibranch - Arrived Thursday
25-captive bred berghia - eat aiptasia

Sustainable Aquatics Captive Bred/Raised Fish - Arrived Thursday
These fish are preconditioned and ready to go.
1-stripe fang blenny
1-blackline blenny
2-molly miller blenny
2-mocha storm
6-stocky anthias
6-lyretail anthias
1-threadfin bfly
1-3"-4" volitan lion eating frozen
1-blue eye tang
1-blue spine unicorn tang
1-african yellow belly blue hippo tang 1"-2"
3-m/l yellow tang
3-cleaner wrasse
1-juv emperor angel 2"-2.5"
2-diamond sifter goby
2-pennant wrasse
1-african yellow belly blue hippo tang 2"-2.5"
3-red barred shrimp goby

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Thursday
Some fish ready to go but most will go into QT Protocol.
1-flagfin angel
1-flameback angel
1-s/m adult majestic angel
2-royal gramma
3-long horn cow
12-banggai cardinal
12-azure damsel
3-green mandarain
2-dwarf zebra lion
1-burr puffer
1-spotted puffer
1-valentini puffer
3-med foxface
1-spotted sweetlips
3-flame fin tang
1-orange shoulder tang
1-unicorn tang
1-med clown trigger
1-xmas wrasse
1-red sea cleaner wrasse
2-lg bubble anemone
2-lg sebae anemone
2-unique orange yuma rock
1-ultra indo trachy
1-indo red goniopora
1-indo pink goniopora
1-stunning pavona maldivensis green
3-fox coral small
2-metallic fungia
6/large cleaner shrimp
1-fire shrimp
2-harlequin shrimp
6-candy cane pistol shrimp
6-tiger pistol shrimp
50-bumble bee snail
12-tiger sand conch

I'll post the Cleaner Crew+ and Locally Grown Corals as soon as the lists are provided!


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Arrivals Part 2

Locally Grown Corals - Arrived Thursday Afternoon
2-blue matrix
1-rmf acid trip millepora
1-cornbred mad raver millepora
1-oregon tort
2-red millepora
2-sunset millepora
1-strawberry shortcake
1-tgc fireworks acro
2-walt disney tenuis
2-purple plasma
2-bubble gum
1-tyree pinky the bear
1-reef raft pink cadillac
1-tyree red dragon
2-large branch green hydnophora
1-yellow cup
1-ora ice tort
3-single stalk xenia
1-ora red goniopora
1-red mushroom
1-wwc pink boobies chalice
1-golden eye chalice
1-mummy eye chalice
1-golden mummy eye chalice
1-miami hurricane chalice
1-lg purple pocillopora

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Thursday
200-m/l blue leg hermit
60-scarlet hermit
2-arrow crab
5-peppermint shrimp
50-black margarita
3-sm atlantic blue tang
2-squirrel fish
6-condylactus anemone
6-asst ultra rock flower
100-sm nassarius
200-astraea snail
30-zebra turbo
4-crown conch
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