Arrivals 9/9 - 9/13

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has at least two shipments arriving this week. ORA aqua cultured animals and Caribbean Cleaner Crew+ are both booked so far.

Caribbean Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday Afternoon
20-peppermint shrimp
400-astraea snail
40-zebra turbo
30-emerald crab
2-cherub angel
1-sm rock beauty
4-chalk bass
2-sm caribbean blue tang
6-condylactus anemone
6-ultra bicolor red flower anemone
2-ultra yellow flower anemone
2-green flower anemone
30-scarlet hermit
2-sally lightfoot crab
1-purple ribbon gorg
3-blue ricordea florida
17-sm nassarius snail
3-pin cushion urchin

Feeder Shrimp - Arrived Wednesday

ORA - Arrived Wednesday
1-elongate dottyback
1-neon dottyback
2-orange zoa
1-green birdsnest
1-hawkins echinata
1-red planet
3-pink stylo
6-blue tuxedo urchin - New!
6-red tuxedo urchin - New!
2-sm derasa clam
2-ultra blue maxia sm
1-nuclear green bubble coral
3-neon green polyp leather
2-erectus seahorse
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