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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Open 10-7 Everyday. Still offering delivery and curbside drop off. Please follow social distancing guidelines when in the shop.
Barrier Reef has five shipments planned for this week. With so many of the exports and flights being shutdown its getting challenging to find certain livestock. We did our best to keep it coming, but it took some creativity. We have three Mixed Wholesale orders, SA Captive Bred & Raised Fish, and Cleaner Crew+ all coming in. We also had a few more Locally Grown Corals come in today. We also took a really nice batch of fish out of QT yesterday.

In the "essentials" department- LRS frozen foods along with PE Mysis and Calanus (sorry only flat packs available) is arriving Thursday. Pods and Phyto are well stocked. We have ReefWaves, Ice Cap Gyres, Vortechs, Neros and more for your flow needs. Giesemann Test Kits arrived over the weekend. More LEDs, frozen foods, salt, refractometers, dino battling bacteria, PO4, and NO3 and a bunch of other supplies will be arriving Thursday-Friday. We are hoping to receive a large order of Hanna Checkers, reagents, and calibration supplies in time for the weekend as well.

Local AquaCulture - Arrived Tuesday
1-super purple/blue digi
1-green digi
4-value neon candy cane
1-war favia
2-green branch hammer
2-ponape birdsnest
1-monti setosa

SA Captive Bred & Raised Fish - Arrived Tuesday
The clowns will go into our 2 week QT protocol. The captive raised fish are available immediately.
6-black snowflake
2-black storm
4-fancy snowflake extreme
4-fancy white extrmem - think davinci
2-frostbite frozen
2-skunk - special order sold
6-black ocellaris
12-orange ocellaris
2-mocha storm
1-cr panther grouper 3"
2-cr yellow coris wrasse
2-cr mealurus wrasse

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrived Tuesday
1-yasa hashe
5-choc chip star
2-red mandarin goby
6-algae blenny - into qt protocol
2-orange w green lobo
1-red bicolor trachy
2-neon green trachy
2-red sea maxima clam!!! As featured on Reef Builders.
1-green kenya tree
3-aci king tut millepora frag - blue and green frag
1-hurricane leptastrea frag
1-rainbow goniatrea frag
2-dragon soul favia frag

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrives Wednesday
Most of these fish are being put into our QT protocol.
8-captive bred banggai cardinal -available immediately
24-med fiji green chromis
1-xl blue phase atlantic blue tang
1-sm purple tang
1-med scopas tang
6-sm yellow tang
1-metallic green carpet
1-green sinularia
1-green polyp orange plate
1-tonga bubble coral
1-derasa clam 4"
25-lg nassarius snail
20-fighter conch
2-black longspine urchin

Mixed Wholesale #3 - Arrives Wednesday
These fissh are pre-conditioned by our supplier and will be available right away.
2-wheelers goby
1-m/l banded circus goby - one of my favorite fish
1-bori goby
2-yellow rose goby
2-blue spot jawfish
8-m/l cleaner shrimp
1-sexy shrimp
1-electric blue knuckle hermit
1-xl gold rim tang
2-lg lined dart fish

We'll post the Cleaner Crew+ list once the shipment is confirmed.
We really appreciate your continued support in these difficult times and hope that everyone is safe, healthy and surrounded by their loved ones.


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
ORA AquaCultured Animals - Arrives Friday
8-stripe blenny
12-pj cardinal
6-spotcinctus clown
1-black ice snowflake -sold
4-skunk clown
6-electric indigo dotty
2-elongate dotty
6-orchid dotty
6-neon dotty
6-captive bred blue mandarin
3-captive bred spotted mandarin - yes they are back!
6-whitespot pygmy file
6-yellowline goby
6-neon goby
4-sharknose goby
2-red goniopora
1-orange zoa
2-green birdsnest
1-hawkins echinata
1-sunburst cap
6-blue tuxedo urchin
6-red tuxedo urchin
1-gigas clam 2"
2-squamosa clam 3"

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Thursday
1000-astraea snail
45-emerald crab
200-med blue leg hermit
12-fighting conch
12-lettuce nudibranch
30-scarlet hermit
6-ultra red w green flower anemone
6-sifting cucumber
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