Arrivals Weekend 12/27 - 12/29

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef had Captive Bred Clowns arrive last Friday and Local Aquaculture came in on Sunday.

Captive Bred Clowns - Arrived Friday 12/27
These fish went into our two week QT protocol. You can still buy them now but they do not come with any guarantee. Once they come out they come with an extended guarantee.
4-black snowflake
4-black ice extreme
2-orange storm
2-fancy longfin ocellaris
4-lightning maroon
12-black ocellaris
18-orange ocellaris
4-true percula
2-onyx picasso

Local Aquaculture - Arrived 12/29
1-eagle eye zoa
3-blue hornet zoa
2-green star polyp
1-purple pocillopora
1-rainbow rhodactis
2-mystic sunset monti
2-neon green favia
1-rainbow hammer
2-starburst monti
1-green hairy mushroom
1-lg green organ pipe
1-lg red monti cap
3-stunning green birdsnest
1-red clove
1-m/l jf jack o lantern lepto
1-monti setosa
2-tricolor palwensis monti
1-asd rainbow phoenix monti
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