Barrier Reef' 14th Anniversary Sale - COVID Version

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef's 14th Anniversary Sale -COVID Version

Save the Dates

Friday December 4th By Appointment Only All Specials
Friday December 11th By Appointment Only All Specials
Saturday - Sunday 5th & 6th and 12th & 13th Limited Number of Specials
This is important info. You will not have access to all the specials unless you book an appointment. We will have livestock and minimal specials on the weekends following the Friday appointment days. This is our way of attempting to control huge crowds and long waits outside the building. Please make a Friday appointment if possible.

More info about private appointments to follow.

Free Gift Bags
We will be giving out 120 free gift bags throughout the event. Appointment holders are guaranteed a gift bag. We will divide up the remaining to be handed out over the weekends. (1 per household) Please make sure you request yours on your way into the shop. Each bag will contain various BRA swag items, an incredible coupon sheet, and some products that supplied by Seachem!

We have decided not to hold any raffle drawings this year. We figure our suppliers are already under enough stress trying to survive the economic downturn. We don't want to add to their stress by asking for donations. We will do a year-end raffle with a prize donated by us closer to Christmas.

Follow this thread, our Facebook/Twitter pages, or watch for further newsletters for more details. We will share them as they are available.


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
-Anniversary Specials & Limited Stock Door Busters-

These specials are only offered during the private, pre-booked appointments Friday December 4th and Friday December 11th. Please book an appointment to take advantage of them. We will offer/post mini specials, for the weekends of Dec. 5th - 6th and Dec. 12th – Dec. 13th, closer to those weekends.

This is a partial list. We will be editing it right up to the sale. We will also be re-stocking before each appointment day.

Limited Stock Door Busters - No Rain Checks

Ultra Rock Flower Anemone $19.99 – Over 30 Available
All Brands In-Stock Nano Tanks 10% Off (Innovative Marine, Water Box & More)
In-Stock Octopus Protein Skimmers 15% Off
Barrier Reef 100gpd Deluxe RO/DI Unit $169.99 - Incredible Price! 4-Stage/Auto Shut Off/TDS/Pressure Gauge
Nano Clowns $9.99
Asst. Storm Clown $69.99 - likely to only be a few
Cherry Tree Montipora $14.99
Green Slimer Acro $14.99
Ice Tort $19.99
Branching Green Hydnophora $14.99
Seasons Greetings Montipora $14.99
War Favia $14.99

More items coming!

Specials – Rain Checks Offered

Red Sea Reefers - Include a BRA Livestock Gift Certificate valued at 10% of total pre-tax purchase, plus a free bucket of Red Sea Salt
Waterbox Aquariums – Include a BRA Livestock Gift Certificate valued at 10% of total pre-tax purchase plus a free box of Fritz Salt (Excludes sizes 20 gallons or less)
Jebao & Coral Box Wavemakers, DC Return Pumps, & DP4/DP2 Dosing Pumps 20% Off!!
All Livestock (Fish/Corals/Inverts) 25% Off
Blue iQuatics Rock Scaping Products 15% Off
Marco Rocks 25% Off
200 Gallon Mix Box Fritz RPM $49.99 – Blue Box
Natalia’s Fragging Tool 25% Off
Eheim Auto Feeder $29.99
Barrier Reef's Refractometer $24.99!
RO/DI Sediment, Carbon, DI Loose, DI Color Change Cartridge - All Replacement Filters 25% Off
Algae Barn Live Foods 20% Off
Astraea Snail $.59 or 50 for $25
Emerald Crab $3.99
Original/Herbivore Rod's Foods Buy 3 Packs For $50
LRS Frozen Foods 20% Off
BSI - IC Gel Small Tube $4.99
Red Sea Test Kits/Supplements/Filter Media 20% Off
Elos & Giesemman Test Kits 20% Off
Coral Frenzy Foods On Sale! Can't Post Per MAP Policy
BeneReef Food 25% Off
AquaTop Digital Thermometers 20% Off
Reed Mariculture Reef Nutrition Foods 20% Off
CaribSea Substrates 30% Off
Complete Seachem Line Including AquaVitro 30% Off (Salt Excluded)
Hikari Frozen & Dry Foods All 30% Off!
ME Coral Consumables 20% Off
Assorted Frag Racks & Acclimation Boxes 20% Off
ReeFlux HD Bryopsis Treatment 20% Off
All PE Mysis Products Frozen/Dry 20% Off
Brightwell Line 20% Off Includes Salt

More Items Coming!
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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
If you want access to all the specials, first pick of all the great corals and fish + no crowds or waiting, and a guaranteed free gift bag, set up a one hour appointment for Friday December 4th or Friday December 11th. We will be closed to the public during this time, and we will schedule a limited number of customers each hour, that will be helped one on one by the employees working that day. Yes you can bring family or friends as long as they are willing to share the staff member who is helping you. Due to COVID we ask that you limit your group to no more than two people. One gift bag per huosehold. All the sale specials are good during the appointments!
If you are interested in scheduling one of these slots please PM me, or email cy@barrierreefaquariums.com, with up to three time slots, in order of preference, that would best fit your schedule. Appointments are available on Friday December 4th and Friday December 11th. Appointments start at 10AM and are on the hour. We will break for lunch between 1-2. The last appointments start at 6PM. I need your first and last name and a phone number. The scheduling of these time slots will be done on a first-come first-serve basis. If ANY slot works for you please indicate this in your message. Please don't commit to a time slot if you are not sure you can make the appointment.
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