Bob Moore Frag swap

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Feb 23, 2005
Bellevue, WA
This was the best organized event thanks to this year's board's and volunteers' meticulous attention to detail and extra hard work.

Awesome centralized and convenient location for all PSAS folks to gather and meet, great parking, tile floors, large venue with many vendors/hobbyists, very convenient to setup and tear down the frag setups. Board even thought about putting a barrel that was plumbed to dump water outside so we did not need to carry and dump water to a random area outside of the building. Event to remember for a long time!

Bob Moore would have been proud! Great job everyone!


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May 21, 2012
Camano Island, Wa.
Those were really nice pieces. PSAS does appreciate the drop-in donations!!!

I know, because sitting at the PSAS tanks answering questions I was asked MULTIPLE TIMES what the green montis were and "how much I wanted for one" LOL!

My response was, "They are FREE! ..... If you have a membership and if you are drawn early enough to get one!!!!" :dance:


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Mar 31, 2009
Hansville, WA
First Bob Moore, huge kudos to the people that put it together. :)

I didn't see much trading going on, maybe just not in the right places at the right time. So, I ended up just donating the 7 corals I brought for trading to the raffle. Most of the stuff I donated blended into the rest of the stuff, pink birdsnest, red montipora, brown acro with green polyps. I also contributed two montepora spongodes frags that were about the size of a quarter each, bright green coloration, they stuck out a bit among the rest of the frags. It was all stuff growing exceptionally well in my tank, so no biggie to donate it, hope it went to a good home. :)

Ended up bringing home the coralife 5800, a hydnophora, and a yellow scroll. Also picked up a cali tort, and orange chalice for cheap, so I'm happy. :)
Sorry, you didnt realize it, but most of the people on the far side, where it was supposedly too crowded, was where most of the hobbyists were and we were doing some trading. Glad you got some sweet pieces. This event just gets better and better. Look forward to meeting you at the next one, if not sooner.


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Jul 12, 2011
p-town, WA
O that was the trading corner?!?! That was all the hype. Thought it was an alien coral or something I hadn't seen over their.
I had to stand behind ppl and kinda yell my order at em...lol

The door jam/line can b hectic. We opened up minutes early cuz of the line that was forming. Gotta put the entrance table their... the vendor/hobbyist could have been turned around maybe and had a circle so they were facing out... make sense?!?! Than ppl would have been up against walls and pillars. Also the electrical...

We do a smaller member/hobbysist frag swap and equipment sale earlier in the club yr. Club BOD is working at it. We have more help it sounds like and next yr should b even bigger. The donation coral could really turn into some high end stuff.
Keep at it WA hobbyists! Thxs


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Jan 17, 2010
Bonney Lake, WA
400 people in attendance and two want to be trolls and complain in this thread. Your loss. The fall frag swap where only 25-30 people show up might be more your speed. This event has grown from a small ideal as an event in a garage six years ago (My first event on the PSAS BOD) into an almost nationally recognized event. Boohoo on you for being such a downer on something so positive. Instead of learning something from our guest speaker and waiting in line for a $10, or free frag go ahead and pay $30 to $60 for the same thing. Our LFS appreciate your loyalty. I know I'll never sell you a frag and have you to my house.

There will always be Trolls. Its the new way of the internet. ;)
Trolls? Seriously?

You must be new to teh interwebs, missy. There's been trolls way back to BBS's. My comment wasn't trolling. It was my opinion.

People seem to have an issue with others having a differing opinion.

Who's the emo reefer that goes in and out of the hobby all of the time?

Thanks for giving me a reason to come to the next one, Pal!
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