Built my first sump for 75 gallon tank

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Oct 23, 2004
Mammoth Cave, KY
Hey guys, how is everyone doing? Hopefully having a great time getting ready for christmas. Well today I set up my sump system that I built and designed. Started out with a 75 gallon tank putting a canister filter under for my inlaws but i talked them into letting me do a sump which i will get pictures in the morning to show everyone. It is not much but I am happy since I have never done this before..To build something from scratch and it comes out working no leaks thank Goodness. Anyways I talked them into letting me do a sump so I used a 20 gallon long tank put 700 gph pump in it. I used a 5 gallon bucket with a lid on it and put a 1" bulkhead in the top of the lid and run the syphon hose from the overflow into it this way it would not splatter and spray go all over the place. Then I cut a 6" by 2" rectangle hole in the bottom of the bucket to let the water out into the sump. Once it leaves the bucket it winds in and out a set of baffles with filter in between the baffles then leading to the pump. I stagered the baffles from left to right leaving 4" space between the baffles and 2" from the side of the sump on one side. the hose coming from the overflow I used a 1" pvc flex tubing and put a ballvalve on it to adjust the overflow to keep from sucking it dry and getting the gurgling sound and used a 5/8" return on the 700 gph pump with a hoked pipe at the top of the tank and drilled a hole in the top of that pipe to keep it from siphoning out. It was a real joy to do something like this with out having to get someone else to help. I will get pics so every one can see.

big t

Oct 21, 2003
Hey Danny, it sounds like you did a good job on their sump! I like the idea about the 5g bucket to keep the noise and splashing down. Looking forward to the pictures.
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