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Dec 15, 2003
Tacoma, WA
I've got the new tank planned, well most of the way. My huge concern is the change over. I would rather the tank did not cycle. My thought was to set the new tank next to the old one.
Make a "J" tube and syphon from the old to the new and pump back with a little mag 250. Start with 1" LS and 15 gallons of fresh saltwater. Each day put LR from my sump into the new and maybe the caulerpa. Then do the same with the old tank. When its all in put the rest of the water from the old tank into the new and hook it up to the sump. I've got the plumbing planned so its just a 3 minute hook up. Maybe during this time I can scrape the algea and put it in the new so it will start sooner. I want it to cover the back wall. I can also feed the new tank lots of rotifers to help keep everyone happy.

Will this work???



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Aug 26, 2003
Portland, OR
The best way to do it is when you do water changes, save the old water. Do this till you have enough for the new tank. Before you move into the new tank, get the heaters going to match the temp in the present tank - then move it ALL at once. If you willl have a sand bed - put in new sand and seed from the old tank and throw out the rest.

No matter what you do, you will have a cycle - IMO by doing this you will have a small cycle. HTH

Ray Pollett

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Feb 17, 2004
Blaine, WA
I get calls to help people setup larger tanks or move tanks. It can be done with so small of cycle that you do not even see it.

You move the fish and LR in to buckets of water from the old tank. Move the new tank where you want it. Since it is usually larger, I place uncured Base rock on the bare bottom of the new tank. I then add around the base rock any new sand that will be used to make the sandbed. I then add the old Live Sand Bed on top of that. I place the LR from the old tank on top of this. Add the water and fish from the old tank into the new tank. Move any filters from the old tank ( and other Equipment) to the new tank. Finish filling tank with new water. Turn everything on. I rarely can even measure a small cycle doing it this way. The fish and inverts do fine an show no signs of a cycle.


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