Changes to this PSAS site are coming!!!!

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Jun 27, 2003
Mukilteo, WA
You may have noticed some differences in the site lately. I can note a few here:

1) Our main page portal stopped functioning after an upgrade (yep, an upgrade) rendered it useless.

2) Our Photo Gallery no longer functions as a result of the portal loss, hence any direct links that you may have had to photos there, will now show up as red X's

3) The use of attachments and any attachment that may have been in a post has been disabled.

So, you may ask, what are we doing about this? We are actually doing a lot. We are not losing functionality, but instead taking this misfortune we have had and making it an opportunity. We are currently in the process of some great changes to the site which include the following:

1) Changing the bulletin board software to the better, more functionality VBulletin software (the same software other larger sites use, such as Reef Central).

2) Our home page will be using the VBPortal software which works very well in combination with VBulletin.

3) We will be incorporating a software package called Photopost. This will allow for better photo gallery image management.

4) The look and feel of the site will change, as well as possibly changing the bulletin board section name itself such that we can draw in more resources from around the country (and world) to compliment our great Northwest membership.

5) Features such as quick reply and posting attachments will be available with the upgrades.

Please bare with us in this transition. I believe it is all going to be for the best. When on the new system, certain things may need attention such as updating your profiles and loading up the photo gallery again. Unfortunately the attachments made on this site are likely lost (hence the deactivation of it for the time being) so any posts requiring an attachment to get it back on track may be warranted (or just start a new thread as well).

Yes, some growing pains are ahead, but I am sure you will like the changes we have coming. And hopefully so much for the better, all of your reefing friends will join us as well.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions and again, I apologize for any inconveniences that you may be experiencing.