cleaner shrimp diet?

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Nov 6, 2003
Do cleaner shrimp eat algae like snails - (clean refugium walls like snails) - or just meaty foods?

If I put one in my refugium do u think he will get sucked into the 3/4 inch intake on the eductor style protein skimmer? Cleaner shrimp have no problem staying out of anenomes and grated powerheads, but the 3/4 inch intake on the protein skimmer is more dangerous.

What do u think?
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Sep 1, 2003
Lynnwood, WA
If it isn't covered with something to keep out debris it will eventually crawl into it. They are pretty good about not getting sucked in by currents, and will usually try to avoid getting drawn anywhere, but I've seen mine swim backwards into the skimmer intake in my refugium. Mine does not have a lot of draw (mag 5) and has a screen over it so it has not been an issue.

They are pretty much omnivores but lean toward being carnivores. Mine will eat algae, nori, formula 2, but go insane when fed anything soaked in selcon or meaty foods like silversides. I think it is mainly the more pungent the food the more it will attract them. Being scavengers they will eat anything. Ironically I feed mine shrimp pellets soaked in selcon.

I would make sure your intake is covered with something.