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Aug 23, 2004
Auburn, WA
Hey all,

I got a really nice orange colored Condy anenome from,.....uhh well I got it at the frag swap up at Salsakings place(can't remember the guys name, sorry). Anyway it has been doing really good as far as I can tell. I give it a little morsel of shrimp meat everyonce in a while and otherwise leave it alone. Anyway I was just curious if anyone knows what kind of flow they really like. It was in an area about 8 inches from a powerhead output and stayed there for quite awile then it moved inside some rockwork for a couple days and now it's back out in front of the powerhead, even closer than before and it's even closer that before. I "thought" they preferred lower flow, but I guess I don't know. Also does anyone think I would have any luck trying to get a clown to host in it. I've heard some people have been lucky. If so what would be my best choice of clown?

The really good thing is that it moved next to a nice little green star polyp rock I got at the same trade. My picasso trigger, attacked the polyps as soon as I put them in....errrrrrrr :mad: . I thought they were destroyed, but now that the condy moved next to them they have come back with 3 times as many as before.....and the trigger won't come near them.
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