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Dec 12, 2004
Hi i am hoping to convert my fish only tank into a reef tank soon re-using the substrate (coral sand) and tufa rock from my present tank.

I know that copper can be taken out with a skimmer and using stuff like polyfilter, and seeing as it was years ago since i dosed with coper to cure a whitespot problem, i was wondering if this tank can be used to house an invert reef setup.

I have tested for copper and it is zero on the test kit readings.

The tufa i have is the very hard porous type and i was going to use it as a base for my live rock(the tank is 3ft deep!)

Is it worth trying a hermit crab in my fish only setup to see if it has any ill effects?....i dont want to do this and kill a poor hermit if this is not advisable, but seeing as the test kit has no readings of copper i was wondering if its all been skimmed out or it is bound up with the tufa or substrate in some way.

cheers for any help on this one guys...

ps the tank is 7ft long x 3ft high x 2ft wide......the tufa is lovely stuff and is in really big pieces it would be a shame not to use it.
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