Coral banded vs. Xenia

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Jan 25, 2004
Federal Way, WA
The Xenia I received from a friend were doing great. Growing, "walking" , dropping little xenies and pulsating regularly. Then - they seemed to shrivel and in one night one of the critters disapeared all together. The next night one of the babes also left. I can understand the shrinking if some of my parameters were off(they weren't) but to disappear altogether - also one of the feather dusters lost his "fronds" that night. Other inhabitants include: 2 ocellaris, leather wrasse, orange-spotted goby, a cleaner shrimp - and a coral banded shrimp. A LFS sugested that it was the C-B shrimp thats gone bad - and once he's tasted coral - "he'll never go back" to prepared food. Is it time to banish him to the refuge? As he apparently is stressing the remaning xenia's. Anyone else had problems with this shrimp?
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