December Meeting 12/8 @ 5 PM at Randy and Deannes in Coeur d Alene

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Feb 20, 2009
Spokane, Washington, United States
Our next club meeting is just around the bend! Randy and Deanne have invited us over to revisit their Elos 120, and check in on how it is "growing" along.

Be sure to make time to come to this meeting, we will be discussing out supplements can aid your tank, and for those current paid members at the meeting you will have the opportunity to take home a free sample of some of Brightwell Aquatics awesome supplements. For a speak peek at what we are bringing, check out our homepage

You can always purchase and renew your memberships through our website, and at our meetings. New memberships run $25 for individuals, and $30 for families, renewals are only $10 per year thereafter!

We will have plenty of the catalogs and supplements to go around - be sure to thank Brightwell, and all of our club sponsors as they continue to support our club and provide us with the best technology to keep our tanks healthy for years to come!

When: Saturday, 12/8 at 5 PM
Where: Randy and Deannes - Coeur d Alene (PM for address)

Hope to see everyone next Saturday!
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