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Jul 18, 2003
I have a moral dilemma.

I just recently bought a used mini van for a good price. However, I have evidence that the odometer was rolled back. I found a tire warranty in the glove compartment that lists the mileage on the vehicle a year ago as 10,000 more than the odometer reads right now. I also found the titles to two other vehicles. The seller is what the WA DMV calls a "curbstoner" (a seller who buys cars cheap, fixes them up a little, misrepresents them a little and makes a living selling cars without a license) and WA state seems to take a dim view of this type of seller.

Given the evidence at hand would you:

A. "Encourage" the seller to give you a partial refund on the mini-van in exchange for the evidence.

B. Report the seller to the authorites.


C. All of the above.


I don't have a problem with the way the van runs or the condition it is in...but I certainly would have talked the seller down more on the price if the mileage had been shown accurately.


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Jul 1, 2004
bowling green ky
Thats why they put odometers in cars. Most cars now have little red lines that pop up when the odo is run backwards. does it read to 999,999 miles or just to 99,999 miles if its a 5 slot you can run them forward with a drill motor. If he is cheating people and breaking the law, you have to do the right thing. I would make certain that is the case before I went to far. Sometime Mechs write down the wrong milage, I have done it before myself, (used to work on big trucks) Just my thoughts. STEVE
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