DIY Autoshutoff Waste collector -no gluing required

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Aug 26, 2003
Portland, OR
DIY- Autoshutoff for the Waste collector -no gluing required

For the auto shutoff part, anyway

Posted this on the reeftank and have to share this here:

As promised here are some pics of my own design- no gluing required.

1. This is what it will look like when done, well suppose to anyway.
2. The most important part is the 1.5" thd male by 1.5" slip. Notice the threads are "short" and not "long". This makes it assemble eaiser and much closer and the next one
3. This is how the ball sits inside. Perfect. Sits flush and blocks off the passage
4. Again what it will look like, just have to be drilled on the bottom with about 6-8 holes and in the top cap just need about 4 holes for the air to vent out. In the top half you will need some filter floss and some charcoal and more floss. That stuff stinks really bad and I'm sure if the wife got a sniff of it, she would tell you that something must have died - or that you should lay off the beans. :D




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