Equipment Maintenance?

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Jan 25, 2004
I am wondering what everyone does to keep their equipment in good health. Do you do keep your pumps on a regular maintenance regime, in order to keep them properly working? What about things like UV Sterilizers - how often should we be cleaning them? Wave devices - any maintenance there? What do you use to clean your equipment - or free them from calcium build-up or salt creep?

Basically, if it's equipment, I want to know what you do and how often.



Oct 30, 2003
Cleaning, it takes lots or regular cleaning. I have a few submersible pumps that when they start getting loud, I take them apart and soak the impeller etc in vinegar. I find it cuts the gunk off them rather well after soaking them a few hours, I'll rinse, rinse & rinse really well before installing them again. Other equipment I go by eye, it takes some practice but filters etc usually show a sign of lower performance, louder than usual or just plane old junky looking. I'll spot one of these and at that time either plan a cleaning soon or just clean it then depending on the time required. I find If you clean a little now & you won't have to clean everything all at once, so I try and do just that, I know about how long things can go before they need attention, so I'll clean certain parts slightly ahead of schedule as to avoid doing cleaning to more than one piece at a time, if I can.
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