False byssal Thread??

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gREEF Stricken

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Jul 3, 2014
Graham WA
Howdy Clammerz,

Just bought my first clam yesterday, a beautiful 4" gold Squamosa. I drip acclimated him for about 2 hrs and then carefully placed him on a ledge about halfway up the water column. With a space about 1/2" high below its hinge. After about 15 min in my tank he opened up nicely and about 30 min later I looked at my new beast and was shocked to see what am compelled to assume was a "byssal thread?" Extending to the bottom of the space mentioned and appeared to touch the rock so I thought I'd set a new world RECORD for clam-ttachment... Sadly I woke this morning to take a look, and the thread was gone. Has anyone else experienced this? My ignorance Lee's me turning to you folks to see what the heck is going on with this cool creature thanks very much

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