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Jun 27, 2003
Mukilteo, WA
I was reading the September issue of FAMA (Fresh and Marine Aquarium magazine) and saw that Terra Hangen of the FINternet column has put together a listing of "... some of the best websites with tips on how to have healthy corals in your aquarium, and some devoted to coral conservation in the wild."

I was pleased to see Reef Frontiers included on the short list. It says under Reef Frontiers:

Reef Frontiers is a place for holding discussions and a vast ID Research Gallery, with a Coral ID section with 465 photos. This website, run by Chuck Fiterman, also has an equipment review section and a library.
That's pretty good PR for our site here huh?

Also of note is that she singled out one of our very own in this section as well. She singled out Mojoreef:

Mojoreef - This site owner has a 650-gallon tank, with 19 years of experience, and now 80 percent of his corals are Small Stony Polyp Corals. For a great set of links, under "Links One" select "Corals." Here are links to many excellent articles including "Non-photosynthetic corals" by J.C. Delbeek, "Why and what: foods and feeding in aquarium coral husbandry" by Ronald Shimek, and "Feeding a coral reef aquarium" by Sanjay Joshi.
Thanks to whoever was the instigator in letting Terra know about Reef Frontiers and Mojoreef :)
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