Feeding a small BTA

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Ignorant and Oblivious
Sep 19, 2004
I have a small half dollar sized BTA. Obviously, I want it to grow as fast as possible, but I'm a little worried because I read somewhere that if you over feed anemones it can be bad. Something about the zooanxthelle (whatever the photosynthetic bacteria is called) growing too quickly and causing the BTA to expel some.

Right now Im feeding the BTA 1 piece of krill every 2 or 3 days. The tentacles are not extended out very far, but I dont think the anemone would be in that great of shape for how young it is... Its also more brown than red (red tips and a hint of green at times)... I got it from indoor reef and am not sure that it was in great condition.

What feeding schedules do people suggest I follow? Should I feed daily? Should I change from krill?

Also, I have one of those flatworms in the rock right next to the BTA as a hitch hiker. Will he harm the BTA? (I think he's been snacking on some xenia that I dont care about).


Jun 16, 2004
Bremerton, WA

I feed my Anemones 2 to 3 times a week. I have both a RBTA and a Purple Long Tip. They both enjoy my mixing up their diet, switching between Squid, Bay Scallops, Shrimp (all raw, which I get in the frozen section of my local grocery store) and Krill. Just ensure the size your offering your anemone fits its body size. As it begins to grow, it will enjoy those larger mouthfuls.

As for the flatworm, I don't have a really good answer for you. I do know this much about my RBTA... when something bothers him, he is MORE than happy to just inflate his foot, and start roaming the darn tank... weather I want him to or not!!! *grinz*

Anthony Calfo

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Feb 19, 2004
actually... feeding larger chunks of food is dangerous for some anemones in the long term. One reason: they will sting and draw the food initially, but regurgitate it late at night and still starve to death over time.

Its unnatural for most too with few exceptions in the hobby used species. We keep very few "fish eating" anemones.

And very little large matter actually settles on the reef when so many sighted animals compete for it first.

Most anemones we keep like yours eat zooplankton on the reef. Prey size should be 1/4" (6mm) bits or smaller.

If you always and only feed meats this small... you will be safe, even with species than can handle large prey. But the reverse is not true as stated above.

For foods, offer meats of marine origin and focus on crustacean fare (mysids, pacifica plankton, minced krill). Fish eggs (sushi grade roe from Asian grocery store) are also excellent food items. But do include a wide variety of meats (scallops, squid, etc all fine if minced small enough). Never feed limited diets of just one or two foods.

I recommend feeding 3-5 small meals weekly minimum.
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