Final Day - Copepod Sale @

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Oct 23, 2015
Final Day - Copepod Sale @

Copepods are classified as a Carbon Sink - which is defined as an organism that consumes more carbon than it leaves behind -

No Carbon Emissions from Copepods Folks!! WIN WIN!!

Copepods will improve the health of your tank in the role they play in reducing waste! These are the Best Copepods for Reef Tank

Did you know ...... on a global scale they reduce 2 BILLION tons of carbon emissions EVERY year!!

When you give your fish LIVE copepods & amphipods instead of a prepared food - the waste levels go down even if they are not all eaten - Unlike that prepared stuff!!

Copepods are an Awesome Addition to any tank - We have copepods for sale - Super Sale!! Buy 1000 - Get 1000 for FREE!!

Check out this cool demonstration of us hand feeding corals some food - BTW - Corals love eating pods ALSO!!
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