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Dec 2, 2004
Ontario canada
All the help I have been given on this site is thanked by me!!!!
Equipment count

180 gallon 75 Gallon 29 Gallon(freashwater)
Rena XP3 Ehiem Aqua clear
Whisper hang on Aqua clear 1-Tiger oscar
2-sea clone skimmers 1- 100 sea clone 1 Pleco
120 LBS LR cuban 1-65-70LBS LR fiji
18 watt coral life UV 2-Coral life 40 watt
4-Coral life 40 watt 40LBS LS
65-70LBS LS 1-Flame Scallop
1- male blue spotted 1- female blue spotted
ribbon tail ray 20 inchs ribbon tail ray
2-250ebo jager heaters 1-ebo jager 200

Also 1 Bearded dragon lizard
Having fun and still learning thanks to everybody on this site and good luck to everyone!!!!!
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