Fish in tank and skimmers.

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Nov 24, 2003
What skimmer is your preffered favorite? I just got a used Berlin Classic for my 50 gallon. that makes foam about half the time since it's been set up (only 5 days now). I was talking around and heard of the Reef Devil and the Evolution 500 and thought they sounded a bit nicer than my own right now :)

Saltwater City said that if I wanted to keep the amount of fish I wanted to have I'd need a better skimmer. I want to have a school of chromis (not sure how many 5 to 6) or some dottybacks (my gf wants the dottybacks but we already have one chromis and I want a school :(), mated common clowns, a wrass, and a (show fish) yellow tank or dwarf butterfly or something. One person said we should only have one chromis in our 50 gallon acrylic (36" x 15" x 18.5' high) but we want to have more then one fish in our reef.

Any thoughts on the fish ammount / skimmer we should have?


Reef Monkey
Oct 18, 2003
Seattle, WA
davidborning said:
What skimmer is your preffered favorite? I just got a used Berlin Classic for my 50 gallon.
I am partial to EuroReefs (I have ES6-2+), but if you want to pay a little less I would suggest AquaC, ASM (smallest one they make is recomended for 100gal though) or maybe even a TurboFloater (Aquamedic). As for as the ETS they are great too, but not sure if they make one that small, but overkill can't hurt. Not like you can overskim a FOWLR.



Sep 9, 2003
Sounds like a lot of fish for 50 gal, but ...

Berlins can be a bit fussy to dial in. They really like constant water level (some sort of auto-topoff in sump). They are really best if over-powered a bit (with the pump), air valve full open, and then tune it by reducing the water flow (gate valve is much better for this than a ball valve) until the foam is drier.

I run mine with a SEN700. I have heard of people also using a mag 7 or larger. RIO1700 is too small, RIO2100 just barely enough, depending upon your plumbing.
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