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Jul 21, 2003
Missoula, Montana
Hi Mike!

Here is a pic of the sump/refugium I had made. It is 23" x 18" x 16" to fit in a two foot area under the stand.

The upper left hand corner will have the refugium. The lower left part of the sump will be the water coming from the tank and just to the right of that is three baffles. The water will go through the three baffles and into the right side portion which will be the sump.

There is a small black pipe going through the refugium wall from where the water will be coming in to attach a small pump to have slow flow of water in the refugium.

It is hard to tell but the upper right corner of the refugium section has teeth cut into it to act as an overflow back into the sump.

Thought I would let you see this. So do you think the 900gph overflow single would be better than the 1400gph dual overflow box? :)
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big t

Oct 21, 2003
Looks pretty sweet Johnny! Look forward to seeing some pics after its installed? When do you plan to have it up and running?
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