Good Morning Everyone

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Oct 30, 2003

How is everyone today? To date my 100g tank is sailing alone, even though I have a very light bio-load, 3 fishes, & about 8 corals. I've reduced it down some the past few months because of plans of moving the tank to a location more accessible to electrical power & other convinces I can't install into my living room with out tearing down walls lol. I love it in the living room but hey what would be better, so plans are still going slow, I've just started a new job at Chevron & time access on the internet is very limited here, so haven't been around too much. I like to try and dedicate time each day to at least pop in and peek and the subjects going on & lifting a hand or ear when needed. Ok, enough of me, I really just wanted to say good morning & see how everyone was doing.
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