Good Morning RF!

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Jul 21, 2003
Missoula, Montana
Good Morning Everyone!

It is a +38 degrees here in Missoula, Montana and no work today as we ran out of dried wood to process.

Tank Related: I am getting closer to sitting up my new 2' x 2' x 2' cube tank. I have the tank and just about all the plumbing, AMP Master 2100 for the closed loop, pvc glue, aquarium silicone, ID braided tubing and a hack saw.

The custom made canaopy and stand is being made this week and then shipped to me. I will then water proof it and stain it before using it. A friend will be shipping me a mag 9.5 mag in a week or so that I bought from him for the return line.

Troy(Pro_Builder) will be sending me my new refracometer, new MH bulbs , retro PC kit with bulbs and my new Turbo Flotor 1000 skimmer with a Ocean Runner 2700 pump to run it as soon as he is done changing residence.

And finally my LFS is getting my Locline segments, my 6 male adapters and my two intake screens and should have them by the end of the week and that should be all the plumbing.

Also need to get a Mag float magnet for the acrylic tank and that will be coming with the 9.5 mag pump.

So in the mean time just enjoying time away from the hobby and with the wife. Have a great day today everyone!:)


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Jan 25, 2004
Good Morning Johnny and everyone!

Happy April Fool's Day! Anyone playing anything fun today?

Can't wait to see the stand, Johnny!

Tank related for me: the tank is in stand by mode waiting to get drilled.


Oct 30, 2003
That is awesome, Johnny! I think I should give word of caution with that MagFloat and acrylic, instead use a plastic edger from HD or Lows in the paint section. If anything ever (and it will) gets caught in that floater scratch city, Ok I don't have acrylic but heard this & seen it happen on a 500g display at the LFS. SO ask around and see what others use instead, just to be extra careful.

All these new tanks, I love the setting up part & design as much as the actual tank, now if I can get some pictures, even if they are just a tank sitting on the floor LOL!


Aug 5, 2003
Yeah I found old credit cards work. But believe it or not I actually found a use for my PetCo card. Even with their bad saltwater stuff, I use their card to clean my acrylic :p

Oh, and have a good day Johnny!

- Elmo