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Hermit D Crab
Nov 20, 2003

Now that 24hrs have officially past I am going to open my-self up to a few laughs and If you care to share a hermit-brained moment by all means share away!!

The 280 is up and running in all it's entirety, so I decided it was time to move the 46gal bwfrt into the adjacent room. My awesome cousin who also acts as designated free laborer was over to help. All in all the move went quite smooothly with about a gallon of water on the floor and a few fallen rocks after all was said and done: (so I thought!)

5 minutes after victory was claimed my cousins wife notices water which appears to be coming up through the bottom frame of the tank.. So I assume it is spilled water until after 10 brisk towel swipes the water continues to come!!! THE CALM PANIC COURSED THROUGH MY VAINS IN AN INSTANT!!! Oh S*%$ my 46 gal cracked in the bttm!

Knowing my 280 had a specific gravity 2pts higher than the 46gal I drained about 30 GAL and replaced it with RO/DI. I then called told the wife to grab every freezer bag and tupperware bowl we had to begin transferring life to the new tank (WHICH I KNEW WOULD STILL END IN A CATASTROPHY)

Thoughts going through my brain:
- My 280 hasn't cycled!
- What are my levels today?!
- Should I post an emergency coral give-away?!
- Who can I call to save my beloveds?!
- Dang I just lost a 1400.00 equipment investment in the 46gal
- I wonder what I could get for all that crap??
You get the picture..

So 10 minutes into the panic my cousin says: "Cuz?? What is this little blk tube leaking water??"

If I had a size 26 shoe and the double jointed leg to kick myself in the ASS I would have!!! The re-circ pump required by my HOT CPR overflow had its output out of the tank and streaming down the back at just the right pace to cause the water to line the entire bottom frame and make it appear as though the bottom cracked...

Upset, relieved, and laughing I called it a night ;)

So what Hermit-brained moments have y'all had


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Jan 27, 2004
New Jersey
tank related yet not tank related...when looking up close to the tank i often rais my glasses up to my forehead,,,,and if i get engrossed into putzing i will be there for a while,,,then i will look around confused for a few minutes going from one room to another ////looking for my damn glasses,,,,i think i would have learned by now,,,at least i remember to check the top of my head after a minute or two now.,,,waterlogged brain via my arm...lol


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Jul 18, 2003

I used to do tank maintenance as a side job. I was taking care of a vet's 240 (which, btw was a CESSPOOL when I started on it!), and had just finished a major algae removal, scrub down and a fairly large water change and went to kick on the pumps so I could see how the water level was with everything running. I had forgotten that the return lines were PVC attached to the piano-hinged lid of the canopy. Turned on the pumps and promptly got a shower in front of the whole waiting room!

Was my face red? Oh yeah. LOL
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